Circus Anthem Singers Revealed
Several extremely talented people entered, but only eight will stand before a crowd at the Ford Center in downtown Evansville and belt out our National Anthem before a performance of the 79th annual Hadi Shrine Circus Thanksgiving Weekend.
Worst Church Singer Ever [VIDEO]
This video has been making its way around Facebook for a day or so. I finally clicked to watch it, and all I could say is OMG! In fact, it is so bad that I just HAD to share it with you here. This guy is just terrible!
Boy Sings GaGa’s ‘You & I’ in the Kitchen [VIDEO]
Could this be Big Boy's long lost baby brother? Even if they weren't cut from the same (loin) cloth, maybe this could be the next big act at Club La Big Boy! In all seriousness, this young man has a fantastic "stage (kitchen) presence" and he sold me on the performance of…