Starbucks Secret Menu
Did you know that there is a whole additional menu that Starbucks doesn't display?! Well, kind of. Coffee enthusiasts have discovered that when certain Starbucks drinks are mixed with additional flavors, it can create a whole new creation...
EPD Hosting 'Coffee with a Cop'
No, it's not the punchline to a joke. In an effort to open the lines of communication, the Evansville Police Department is welcoming all residents to join them for coffee — and yes, donuts.
Coffee And Dubstep Sidewalk Dancing [VIDEO]
Take one guy and one park bench. Add in equal parts city traffic and coffee. Toss in a pinch of dubstep, and what do you get? Well, one awesome viral video of course! This guy may not have the moves like Jagger, but he's definitely got some mad skills...
Coffee Equals WINNING!
One of the first things I do each morning when I get to the station is grab the coffee cup out of my office and fill it with that sweet morning nectar called coffee. As it turns out, this morning ritual may actually be doing my body some good.