Should Spanking Children Be Allowed in the United States?
Last Friday, we learned Minnesota Viking, Adrian Peterson, was indicted for child abuse after spanking his son. With the nation opening a public discussion about domestic abuse after the Ray Rice scandal, we are now bringing disciplining children by use of spanking into public scrutiny.
Kids Say The Funniest Things [VIDEO]
On an otherwise gloomy day, I thought that we could use a little laughter. After carefully combing the internet, I rediscovered the joys of small children who say crazy things that they shouldn't. It's really only funny because it's not MY child, but it did make me laugh...
Cute Kids Getting Scared of the Easter Bunny [VIDEOS]
While the Easter bunny is generally well-regarded for its fluffy belly, alert ears and too-cute buck teeth, some humans just aren't so fond of the creature. We're talking about young kiddos who -- when faced with the giant creature every Easter holiday -- erupt into a fountain of tears, traumatic sc…