This is the most brilliant way to eat nachos, and I don't know why we didn't think of it this before.

There's been a trend on the internet where people show off videos of their tables COVERED in nachos.  And the more videos I see, the more I want to do this! The concept is simple, enjoy nachos piled high with all of the best toppings, skip the plates, and make this the easiest dinner you'll clean up this week.

So judging by the videos I've seen, people start by taking tin foil and lining their table top.  Then they place ingredients like sour cream, salsa,  and guacamole in the middle of the table. Then they take BAGS of tortilla chips and line the outside of the table forming a ring around the middle ingredients.  They then pile the chips high with taco meat, cheese, queso (you can't have nachos without queso), and cheese.  The ingredients may vary, but I think we can all agree, this looks delicious and kind of brilliant.

I love food. I don't love cleaning.  So this would be a great way to wrap everything you don't eat in the tin foil and toss it when you're done. Easy clean up is a win/win for me!

Check out this incredible nacho table to start with to get an idea:

From there you can fall down a YouTube or Tik Tok rabbit hole full of these videos. The more I watched, the hungrier I got!  I know what I'll be doing next taco Tuesday!


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