Of all the major Apple news of 2016, one of the most well-received (and unexpected) announcements was the forthcoming release of Super Mario Run, Nintendo's first-ever official Mario iOS mobile game for the iPhone and iPad.

As it turns out, you'll be playing it before Christmas.

This week, news broke of the details of the game's release: Super Mario Run will be released to the App Store on December 15, and will be free to download.

That said, there will be a $9.99 "one-time in-app purchase" to "provide access to the full game," according to TechCrunch. (No news on an Android version just yet.)

As previewed by CNET in the video above, Super Mario Run is unique in that we find our favorite Italian plumber endlessly running across the screen, as players must tap to keep him jumping. There are three game modes, including an option to compete with players around the world, and one to spend coins to create your own lands.

Will this be the biggest craze since Angry Birds and Pokemon Go — or, at least, hold us off until the release of Nintendo Switch in March 2017? We'll soon find out.

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