Beyonce's Super Bowl halftime show has been the source of much discussion. Was there a nip slip? Was it too safe? Did she cause the blackout? Why are there unflattering photos of her performance popping up on the web? Her Destiny's Child bandmate Michelle Williams, who was part of the event with the Destiny reunion, has responded to some of the criticism and shared her experience.

"When three good girlfriends are together, you're free and you don't care who's around," she said about reuniting with Bey and Kelly Rowland. "You're just trying to catch up and be goofy. I had a blast. People at home watching...they don't catch the moments where, like in the 'Charlie's Angels' pose, I was smiling. We were all smiling. I was laughing with my girls. I don't care what anybody else says. I don't let it get me down. It was a beautiful thing."

It was such a beautiful thing that she said that she is totally game for doing it again some time, leaving the door wide open for a Destiny's Child reunion.

Bey shared the photo posted above, of the ladies making fish faces, which we wonder if her PR rep would find unflattering! They look like they are having fun, don't they? Maybe it's time to link up again for more fun?!

Watch Beyonce's Super Bowl Halftime Performance

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