The Franklin Street Events Association is super close to reaching their goal of $50,000 to build Stop Light City Playground, and you can help them get there!

The new playground, which will be located in the (currently) empty lot at the intersection of 11th Avenue and Indiana Street, will be a "transportation themed" park complete with a Space Shuttle, a fire truck, a school bus, a pirate ship, and more for kids to run, jump, and climb on. Artist renditions of each piece of equipment can be found on the Stop Light City website.

In a Facebook post Monday afternoon, Franklin Street Events Association founder, Amy Word-Smith announced the fundraising goal currently sits at $47, 317, leaving the Association only $2,683 short of their goal.

If the artists sketches are any indication, this playground will be an amazing place for kids and adults alike to enjoy a beautiful day outdoors, while at the same time adding an attractive landmark to the area.

To make a donation, and help make Stop Light City a reality, visit the Stop Light City website.

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