First off, let me just say that Facebook groups are a double-edged sword. They can be full of supportive people who understand what you are going through and can offer helpful advice. They can connect you with people who are like-minded and help introduce you to resources and information that you might not see otherwise. And people share some really funny stuff. They can also be a complete pain in the arse and the worst part of your Facebook feed.

Since groups became a big push for Facebook, I've joined a few that suited me. I have a health condition so I joined that one. I've joined a couple mom groups. I joined a few that showcased the dogs that I have, and even a few local ones.

Since my time in groups, I've made a few observations:

1. YOU'RE IN MY WORLD NOW.   -admin

Sometimes - not always, but sometimes - group admins act like prison wardens. I mean, I get why you have to police some people when they say mean or inappropriate things but some admins are just on there 24/7 making sure no one steps out of line. One time, in a 'canine raw diet' group someone asked if anyone lets their dog have store-brand dog treats and I said yes and gave the brand and I was IMMEDIATELY told that we only discuss treats sanctioned by the group admin and warned of the consequences of my actions if I am habitual. It's a dog treat for crying out loud. A DOG TREAT! Everyone all up in arms about social media censorship? Try crossing a raw diet feed group admin. Like who has time for that? And why is it so important for them to let everyone know they are the "admins" and they make the rules? #getalife


People use it as an outlet to "vent for a minute" - aka complain, complain, complain. Listen, I get it. We all need an outlet but the CONSTANT STREAM OF WHINING AND COMPLAINING ABOUT EVERY SINGLE THING IS EXHAUSTING. Especially when you know they aren't doing anything to change their situation. Call your therapist. Call your mom. Call the automated weather line! Ack. JUST STOP POSTING IT TO FACEBOOK! Got my own problems. Don't need yours too. No thanks.


Picture sharing groups are the best groups. I really like Crap Wildlife Photography, Disapproving Corgis, Weird (and Wonderful) Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared, and Evansville Photography. There's no political garbage. There's no complaining. There's just people looking for a laugh or share great photos. Those are MY people. If you want to rain on my parade - go somewhere else!


People treat Facebook groups like they are a confessional with a priest. They'll say any old TMI thing that they need "advice" with. mAmAs HeLP. My hUsBanD's BuTT sTiNks. SHoUld wE dIVorCe? And while we're on this subject, here is a bold blanket statement that's I'm putting out there for anyone asking for medical advice especially concerning children - CALL YOUR DOCTOR. mAmAs HeLP. My bABy iS LitErALLy oN FiRe. dO yOu ReCoMMeNd aDvIL or TyLEnol?

Also - I'd really like to have updates on if you chose MY recommendations and how it worked out for you.


Seriously, I'm in a couple recipe groups and if I see - "wHaT iS YouR fAVorItE SoUp? again I'm going to LOSE IT. So, I'm thinking - maybe people don't know that you can search in your group for keywords so you can see if another post answers your question or addresses the topic that you are searching.

So, let me get that for you. Just go to DISCUSSIONS - and click the little magnifying glass. If you are on your phone, it's at the top of the group page. Very top - above the group photo. Type in a keyword and VOILIA! all prior discussions about your topic pop up. I know it's an extra step and super hard but again... you are driving people cray out there.


That's my list. And like them or not - groups are here to stay. So, listen... don't be annoying mmmmk?

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