Several years ago, Martial Arts was my thing. I loved it so much, I would go to class twice a week, even in the heat of the summer, with no air conditioning in the studio. I traveled to tournaments, and collected a lot of trophies. Karate helped build my self confidence, and gave me an outlet to relieve stress, and learn self-discipline.

I truly miss the days of Wade's Karate, and I would love to be involved in Martial Arts again, if my body cooperates. Binging Cobra Kai isn't exactly getting me into shape, but it is bringing up tons of great memories.

Wade's Karate Liberty 02

The rivalry between different dojos is a real thing. I remember competing against my arch nemesis from another studio, and they played dirty. I'm talking kicking below the belt dirty. That's probably one of the reasons that I haven't picked it back up. It's tough to figure out who is the right sensei to learn from.Karate Liberty

Wade's Karate Liberty

I feel very fortunate to have studied with the Wade family. They ran Wade's Karate in Ft. Branch. When I say family, I really mean it. Many of us keep in touch on Facebook. My brother from another mother, Aaron Wade, is a fan of the show. I recently found out that another former student is actually living his dojo dream. Daniel Meeks grew up to run his own dojo. Meek's Martial Arts in Henderson.

In a recent visit to Henderson, I noticed an empty karate studio for lease. I don't know if Daniel had any arch enemies like I did - He was way too nice. But, if he did, and that person started their own studio, well I think you see where I'm going with this. It could be a real-life Cobra Kai!


It may sound silly, but one of the most difficult things to learn in martial arts is how to properly tie a belt.


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