If you work in radio, you must love to eat. It's just part of it!

Typically there are always snacks available, food that gets dropped off, or work lunches so trying to be on a diet around here is next to impossible. Unless you are really driven unlike us. One of The Rob's favorite places to eat is Spudz-N-Stuff so we thought, why not have a KISS106 lunch at Spudz-N-Stuff!

Photo: Kendra
Photo: Kendra

We went to the one off Washington Ave and it was amazing per usual. A few of us had BBQ Spudz whereas The Rob got his usual Buffalo Chicken Spud, Maddie and her love for Chicken, Bacon, Ranch, and Nino made up his own!

While we were there, they were so busy with takeout orders, caterings, and the phone was ringing off the hook! People in Evansville are serious about their Spudz. If you weren't hungry before reading this, I bet you are now. You can even order online! Plus, keep them in mind for your next catering event!

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