Every week we try to help our friends at the Warrick Humane Society try to find a home for one of their one of their animals.  But this sweet girl, Spring, is special.

Sometimes we also try to spotlight the animal that has been at the Warrick Humane Society the longest.  Spring is just a few days shy of being that.  She's been sitting at the shelter since December 2017.


What's especially sad about Spring is that Spring is a year old and has NEVER had a home...  She has ONLY been in animal shelters.  This breaks my heart so much.  It's also hard to figure out WHY no one wants to bring Spring home.  She's so sweet and loves to snuggle and is very well-behaved.  You can see her in the video below, she's awesome!


If you'd like to meet Spring, I guarantee she would LOVE to meet you!  She's at the Warrick Humane Society on Vann Rd. about a mile and a half past Castle High School.  Or even if you think you might know someone who would like to meet Spring, please share this information so this poor baby can finally find herself a loving family!

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