I know you probably couldn't tell from the weather, but Spring is officially here and with it comes Spring Cleaning! Cleaning closets, mopping floors, throwing out old furniture. But the hardest part is deciding WHERE TO START!

Every year the family gets together and goes through the whole house top to bottom. We wipe away all the dirt from the old season and bring in all the fresh air from the new season.  A lot of people get overwhelmed when they actually see how much stuff needs to be cleaned. The first step is finding a room, pick something up and take it from there!

This year I just started with what I thought was the dirtiest room in the house which is what we call the MUD ROOM! The name itself implies there's gonna be a lot of DIRT! I  had to move the washing machine and the dryer out of the way to scrub the floors and get all that cat litter that escaped from Mystique's litter box over the year. Once I finished THAT room, the rest of the house was a breeze.

What's the DIRTIEST ROOM in your house? Leave you answers in the comment box and HAPPY CLEANING!

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