Local chainsaw artist, Amanda Johnson shares her craft will her Tri-state neighbors and discloses how she uncovered her talent with power tools.

Local Inspiration 

Amanda and her husband were enjoying a date night in French Lick when she came across a craft vendor selling wood carvings. An adorable bear carving, in particular, caught her eye. According to the local artist, her husband encouraged her to purchase it as he could see how much Amanda loved the carved bear figure.

She ultimately decided to take the road less traveled and ventured to try her hand at chainsaw art instead. Her husband thought she had gone off the deep end when she chimed in saying she could make one of her very own. Well, at first he thought that but she quickly proved to everyone she was quite capable. 

Just Getting Started

Many laughs were had with Amanda's first attempt, "We joked about it looking like a mix between a bear and a begging dog so we just called it bear-dog." 

This is a fairly new hobby for this Lynnville, Indiana-based carver, as she has only been doing this for the last year. While she is still honing her skills, she says she is up for challenges. With a prior work history in construction, she states that this has helped her feel a bit more comfortable around chainsaws.

As for some pointers on others who may find themselves being drawn to the craft, this is what she had to say, "You never know unless you try!"

 Amanda is offering her services to Evansville, and Boonville but hopes to branch out even further as time goes on. Feel free to look up her page on Facebook Earth Sense, to contact her about any requests you may have for wood or stump carvings. 

Check out these amazing carved pumpkins that are screaming to be a part of someone's front porch fall décor. I love being able to showcase not only a local artist but a female artist in a male-dominated craft. Amanda proves that "girls can too!" She is an amazing talent, just take a look at some of her past works we have showcased here!

Here's a time-lapse of the process.


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