Despite what you think, or what you may have been told by some knucklehead, you do NOT have to drive for hours to find some cool outdoor adventures. Now, let me clarify what I mean when I say “adventure.” I’m not talking about repelling down a mountain (or a building in downtown Evansville) or jumping off a bridge, big game hunting, or anything crazy like that, although there are things for thrill seekers to do. One example of the adventures I’m referring to is playing one of the beautiful golf courses here in Southern Indiana – and if you play anything like my last round, you may prefer to jump off a friggin’ bridge.

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Get our free mobile app is rewarding those who are willing to explore some diverse locations around the region. They have put together an “outdoor pass” that features more than 50 outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, canoeing, golf, amusement parks, and historical sites.

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What Kinds of Adventures Are We Talking About?

Here are a handful of the places and activities that stand out to me, but you can see the entire list HERE.

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How Does the Pass Work?

The first step is to get the pass, which is free and easy to do – it’s all done on your mobile device. Once you have the pass, you just need to start visiting the places and doing the things on the list – and be sure to check in each time. Check-in at least 15 locations and you’ll get a sweet t-shirt and you then be in the running to win a $500 gas card. The more places you check in to, the more entries you get towards that gas card.

Don’t wait to get started – the drawing will be held in early November 2022.

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