Soulja Boy cranked his way into a jail cell early this morning after being arrested for weed possession in Templa, Ga., which is just west of Atlanta.

The innovative young rapper — best known for his 2007 dance smash, ‘Crank That’ — was picked up by the Temple Police Department around 3:15AM on Tuesday, according to TMZ. He was apparently riding in a car with four other guys when they were pulled over for a routine traffic violation, which is when the cops discovered a “substantial amount” of pot and a large cash stash (upwards of $70,000, according to TMZ) in addition to multiple guns. It’s still unknown whether or not Soulja and his army of friends had licenses to carry the weapons.

This is not the first time that the 21-year-old rapper/producer/viral sensation has been in trouble with the law. Soulja Boy made the news back in 2009 after police raided an abandoned house he was hanging out in — and he ran from them, which earned him an obstruction of justice charge.

Soulja, whose birth name is DeAndre Cortez Way, was still behind bars at the Carroll County Jail at press time. Hopefully, this arrest doesn’t delay his plans to release his documentary, which is supposed to impact today, Oct. 18. Stay tuned for more updates on Soulja Boy’s incarceration.


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