Lady Gaga tweeted the artwork for ‘Marry the Night,’ the latest single from ‘Born This Way,’ and boy does it sizzle. Gaga is perched atop the hood of a rain-soaked car, dressed in a black leather bra-top with cap sleeves and thigh high boots. She’s whipping her short, blonde bob and looking away. It’s what we don’t see, like her eyes, that makes this shot so striking and mysterious.

The photo crackles with Gaga’s intensity and subtle sexiness. There’s also a raging blaze behind her and she is backlit by the orange glow of the inferno. All the elements are present in this photo: water, fire, earth, Gaga! Who needs air, right?

The cover shot is from the ‘Marry the Night’ video shoot, which took place in Mother Monster’s native New York City. There’s no premiere date set for the video, but judging from the behind-the-scenes photos that surfaced and this up close and personal image, it’s going to be a scorcher.

Gaga posted this caption with the cover: “New York is Not Just a Tan that You’ll Never Lose.” Amen to that, sister. That fire in the background is bright enough to bronze the skin a little! Overall, though,  Gaga is essentially New York City’s most famous ambassador!

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