They say one person's trash is another persons treasure...

As the resident "guy who makes fun of local social media," it was only a matter of time before this was sent to me. Someone on one of our local Facebook Selling groups decided that that was the best avenue to sell the following:


Yep, that's just someone selling some douches on the good ol' internet. Granted, these douches are new and in the box. However, at what point does the struggle bus become so real that you gotta turn to the internet to sell some douches? I really feel for whoever is selling these. But still, you're selling some unused douches on Facebook. My favorite part of this is the listing. "3 Douches in a Box" is not only straight to the point, but would also make a great name for a podcast.

Hopefully, by giving this post the publicity it deserves, hopefully this seller that get the $4 they are seeking (which I think is a good deal for douches)?

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