People will try to buy anything on Facebook...

Getty Images for NYCWFF

You can buy a lot of stuff on Facebook; You can get a couch, a TV, or continuously get bombarded with offers to hack your Firestick. However, one genius thinks its a good idea to try to get moonshine by soliciting online. See below:


First off, moonshine being the "lasting taste of home" is the most Southern Indiana thing of all time. I just don't get how this is a good idea. Brewing moonshine in Indiana is illegal and carries a fine or jail time for those caught manufacturing or selling moonshine.

The easiest way to catch someone doing this, is probably by them leaving a public Facebook post trying to buy some. This would be like posting on a work bulletin board "Looking to party, who's got cocaine?!" and then acting surprised when your boss asks you for a random drug test. In this case, the random drug test is probably going to be a fine.

My favorite part of this is the declaration of "I AM 25 YEARS OLD!" Cool, that just means you can legally consume this illegal substance. I'm sure the police will take that into consideration as they arrest you. Maybe you should just tag them to save time?