On Wednesday morning, I had the opportunity to interview Evansville residents Kenny Tenbarge and Mike Mohan about a special project they've put together called Soldiers in Stone. This non-profit operation looks to raise money for different veteran's organizations and is quite an undertaking.  The idea is to replace every brick in the sidewalk on Riverside Drive overlooking Dress Plaza with an engraved brick honoring a local vet that has been purchased by someone in the tri-state. That's right...every...single...brick.

The goal is to unveil the finished project on Veteran's Day. Here's what Kenny said when I asked him about the size of this project,

...it's actually gotten a lot bigger than we thought. We've actually had a few contacts outside the city that are actually coming in to meet with us and they want to take this project up there and help us sell bricks...There's a lady coming down from Purdue University that wants to help us out.

Check out the complete interview below then visit soldiersinstone.com to find out how you can purchase your own brick and be a part of this fantastic cause.

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