It's even served on a donut bun! 

Snoop Dogg has Teamed up with Dunkin' to create a plant-based "Beyond D-O-Double G Sandwhich'. Yep, you read that right, it's even plant-based!

Starting Monday, Dunkin' is introducing the new Beyond Sausage Patty to the menu. It will be topped with egg and cheese and served on a delicious sliced glazed Dunkin' donut. But you have to act fast, because it'll only be on the menu for a week.

But it doesn't necessarily end there. According to Fox 59, Snoop and Dunkin’ are also opening a pop-up store, which includes a green tracksuit emblazoned with the words “Glazzzed for Days” and other clothes, later this month.

Some Dunkin's around the country are also handing out free samples of the original Beyond Sausage Sandwich on the mornings of January 24 and 25.


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