My wife and I got married in October.  For our DJ we chose Codey at All About You DJ.  When he asked what kind of music we'd like at our wedding, and more specifically, what kind of music do we NOT want, we had two simple rules: No country music, no organized dances.  I absolutely LOATHE the "Cha Cha Slide."  I think any dance floor looks depressing, uncool, and out of touch as they all phone in their dumb dance moves at the same time...  But I digress.


This weekend, John Mulaney hosted Saturday Night Live.  While I thought the episode was sort of so-so, I thought did a really good job as host.  Even though I've seen Ben Stiller reprising his role as Michael Cohen and portions of "Weekend Update" frequently in my news feed, I think my favorite sketch would probably be this once, titled "Cha Cha Slide," in which John Mulaney is nervous about meeting his girlfriend's family.  Check it out in the video player below!

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