If you haven't heard of Smitten Soapery in Evansville, your skin has been missing out. 

After I got back from vacation, I was itchy all over. The sun and my pregnancy hormones had dried my skin out so bad that I felt like I was a flaky mess. Then, I remembered a post that a friend of mine had shared on Facebook.

This friend of mine suffers from eczema and had shared a new lotion that she'd tried that helped her skin tremendously. My interest was peaked. She gave full credit to Smitten Soapery in Evansville for clearing her skin up. I hadn't heard of Smitten Soapery before, but I was in for a treat.

Turns out, Smitten Soapery is a small soap shop that a woman by the name of Heather Melton runs out of her home. Heather hand-makes all of her products naturally, which include things like bar soaps, jelly soaps, an entire facial skin care line, men's beard oil and shave jell, and more. The coolest ones though were the soap jelly...I mean it's soap in Jell-O form.



When I walked into her little workshop, I was amazed. She had several products and even more scents to play with. There were samples for EVERYTHING, which was awesome. I have pretty sensitive skin, so being able to test a product before purchasing is a big deal to me. My mom and I had a heyday in there looking through all the products. Heather was very educated on each of her products and could name the ingredients that made up each one. She let us know what would work best for our skin types.


I have a total combination...dry skin, yet sensitive, and even more-so on my face. I won't just try anything, but she had me convinced that her products would be gentle enough for me. Heather said she suffers from dry, sensitive skin herself, which inspired her to start making products that were right for her skin. Needless to say, she seems to have it figured out.

I walked away with some soap jelly, which she had on sale, foaming face wash, hydrating spray lotion, some lip balm, and a bar of soap from her men's line for my boyfriend to try out.


I went home right away to shave my legs for the first time in way too long. Heather also sent me home with a ~special~ sample of a new shave cream she's in the process of working on. I used the shave gel on my legs, washed and rinsed with the soap jelly (WHICH IS SO COOL), and moisturized with the hydrating spray lotion.

O-M-G. I am a silky, shaven goddess.

These products were incredible! Both the shave gel and the soap jelly had my skin feeling flawless, and the lotion was the added bonus. I used all of it AGAIN after my shower this morning. I can't get enough.

If your skin is needing some attention, I HIGHLY recommend Smitten Soapery. Heather knows her stuff and will make sure you get the perfect products for your skin type. It doesn't matter what type of skin you have, or if you're male or female, you won't leave disappointed. Tell them Maddie sent you!


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