Thanksgiving dinner, in my family, has always been a day of getting the ENTIRE family together, in one place, to share an enormous meal. Not only did the host family cook a turkey and all of the fixings, but everyone else brought stuff too. It was crazy and we ate Thanksgiving for another two weeks or so.

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Although it was delicious, there was just so much food. It seemed like all of the recipes were measured out to feed an army.  How do you downsize those beloved family recipes for a more intimate get-together?  You know, instead of 40 people, maybe only four.

Growing up, I observed some of the very best cooks. I had several aunts that made cooking look simple and fun. (You notice, I did not mention my mom. LOL, she was observing them too.) Anyway, they made Thanksgiving dinner into a culinary masterpiece. But, there was always a massive amount of food.

What if you want to cook a smaller meal?

HAHA! Just kidding. IWhen I searched for info on smaller Thanksgiving dinners, I found this video and thought this video was super interesting.

Ok, now it's time to get serious, Thanksgiving is this week. Here is a video I found that has some amazing step-by-step recipes for gatherings of two to four people.

If you are having a gathering of six to even eight people, you could simply double the recipes. Happy cooking and have a blessed Thanksgiving.


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