In this westsider's humble opinion, when it comes to soft drinks, there are none better than Ski Citrus Soda. It's perfect in every way. The combination of sweetness with the citrus tang is unmatched by any other product on the market. So when it's parent company, Double Cola shared a photo of the product on social media saying they were "meeting to discuss new changes," fans like myself were understandably concerned.

"Are they changing the formula? Surely they wouldn't do that, right? RIGHT?!?!" I thought to myself.

The good news is, no, no they're not.

After the post on both Facebook and Twitter caused concern among the Ski-faithful, the company announced they were not changing the delicious make up of the popular soda, they are simply looking to freshen up the packaging it comes in.

In the photo, you can see the current packaging, featuring the product name against a hurricane shaped design with lemon and orange wedges topping the 'K' and 'I.' In the background are 4 cans that at the very least are potential replacements.

Double Cola also announced the debut of a new flavor, Tropical Ski.

What do you think of the new packaging? Personally, I wouldn't care if they put it in a white can with the word, "Ski" written in crayon on the side. As long as they never (NEVER I SAY!) change what's inside, they could put it in an old shoe and I'd still drink it.

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