UPDATE: After six years of waiting, sweet Cammi has finally found her family! She went home with her new family on January 25th. If you are interested in a dog like Cammi, check out Petfinder.com where you can sort adoptable dogs in the area by color, gender, breed, age, and more!

Ashley Willis
Ashley Willis
Ashley Willis

Hello frends,

My name-o is Cammi! I have lived in the dog shelter all my life. And I'm six-years-old now! Even when I was a pup on 'doption days at the shelter everyone choosed all the other puppies. Never me. I don't know why. I'm a good girl. I don't potty in my kennel. I don't mind no cats. I like walking with hoomans and playing with some of my dog friends here at the shelter even!

I like hoomans but they say I'm a little shy at first. See, I never had a family. I never got to live in a house. I never had my very own toys. I never slept in bed and snuggled up with my hoomans. But I know a family - my family - is out there, somewhere!

I'll be a good frend to you and yer family, hooman. I promise! If you want to come and meet me, I'm at Petersburg Paws in Petersburg, Indiana.

Rrruff and Kisses,


Petersburg Paws

4224 N. Meridian Rd.
Petersburg IN 47567
Open: 8am -1pm then 2pm - 5pm 7 days a week

UPDATE: Since posting Cammi's story yesterday, there has been an overwhelming response in adoption inquiries - which is awesome! How cool is it that our community came together to find this sweet gal a home? Ashlee informed me that she is currently going through all the inquiries and will be interviewing families as quickly as she can. So be patient! She is determined to find the right home for this special pupper. If you are interested in Cammi, please reach out to Petersburg Paws or Ashlee directly! There are also lots of other animals waiting for their forever families here in the tri-state. So, if you are considering adoption, check out Petfinder.com.


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