If you have kids at home, you know the struggle is REAL right now. I still have one at home and when I found out that school was going to be at-home learning for the rest of the year, I freaked out. Ever since she was first born, I have been a working mom so my daughter has always spent a good part of her week with a babysitter, daycare, or at school. And I've always made sure to place her in an environment that focuses on education.

Now, it's ME. I'm the person who is providing her education. And honestly, I wasn't ready for it. The beginning was definitely rough. I'm still a working mom and since my daughter is in first grade, she's not used to sitting down and just doing her work all day. I will admit I lost my temper in a big way a few times. It was frustrating for not only her but also me.

So, I decided that I needed a new strategy. First I asked me self some questions.

What do I know about MY daughter? 

  1. She has the attention span of a squirrel.
  2. She is artistic.
  3. She needs frequent breaks.
  4. She is more focused in the morning.
  5. She does well with a reward system.

And what do I know about myself?

  1. I am working so I can't be 100% attentive all day long.
  2. I need to give myself teacher breaks throughout the day.
  3. I need to be able to give her 100% attention at certain points during the day.
  4. I need accountability.
  5. I need a written plan and schedule.

So, last night after she went to bed, I came up with a plan. Here are some of the things I considered when making the plan.

Things I Learned About Teaching at Home

These are just what I learned from our time together. But each family is different - you have to do what works for you. And just when we figure it out, it will be time to go back to school.

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