You should spend the weekend coding with the guys of Pied Piper.

Silicon Valley (HBO/4 Seasons)

Silicon Valley Season 4 Teaser Trailer

I'll start out by saying that Silicon Valley, the Mike Judge created comedy about tech life, probably isn't for everyone. And that's OK, because if it is for you, you are going to absolutely love this show.

The show follows Richard Hendrix, who has created a groundbreaking compression algorithm that he uses to create the start-up Pied Piper. He gets help from coders Gilfoyle and Da'Nesh, who are often feuding over who is better. They all live in a house with app developer (and big shot in his own mind), Erlich Bachman. Erlich is one of the stand-out characters of the ensemble cast. He's probably the best character aside from the absent minded Jared, who is the source of most laughs.

The show constantly reinvents itself and keeps coming up with more and more scenarios for the group to overcome. The show does all of this while continuously being more and more hilarious. Because the show is on HBO, they typically get away with a lot more than what is seen on broadcast. This show is one of the highlights of my week and a show I love talking about. If you want a show that will make you laugh, perfectly spoofs the tech industry, and has characters that you care about, Silicon Valley is a stellar choice.


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