Today's water-cooler conversation for the Coachella crowd:

Point 1 — Sia
Point 2 — Sia
Point 3 — Sia

Last night (April 17), the "Bird Set Free" singer delivered an hour-long set at the annual music festival that has since left ticket-holders in a state of awe. The show included guest appearances by Maddie Ziegler, Kristin Wiig and Tig Nataro, but also delivered convincing evidence that Sia could have been perched — alone — on a cardboard box and still left the same striking impression.

Across new hits like "Alive" and "Cheap Thrills," enduring fan-favorite "Breathe Me" and "Diamonds," which Sia wrote for Rihanna, Sia — dressed in a stark white dress and matching bow — commanded the stage, though she rarely strayed from a single spot. Instead, she allowed beautiful chaos to manifest around her: dancers enveloped her and matched live choreography with pre-recorded sets. Wiig spontaneously cried. According to Fuse, one segment featured "a rabbit and panda involved in a domestic dispute and a woman in oversized trousers smashing panes of glass to exert her power."

In other words, it was something else entirely, and transcended the electric guitar riffs and EDM thumping that have come to earmark the outdoor shows.

Hours after the lights had finally gone down, fans still struggled to reconcile the bizarre beauty of what they'd witnessed.

".@Sia was by far the best sets I've seen. insane insane insane," Alessia Cara tweeted, before blaming her spelling error on a state of engrossment.

Check out a sampling of Sia's Coachella set above and tell us what you think.

This is What Sia's Unobstructed Face Looks Like:

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