Have a secret you are dying to get off your chest? 

Sometimes in life we bury things deep down. You know saying, "take it to your grave." It seems we bottle things up and they can break us or we just move on. For some it's hard to move on. Frank Warren, the founder of PostSecret decided he would put together a ton of post cards and mail them out simply saying to share an anonymous secret they've never shared before. He started receiving them back in the mail along with some that people would make of their own or simply buy and mail! It started out all fun and exciting but then some people started mentioning that they didn't have anyone to talk to so this was their outlet. Knowing it was anonymous helped get it off their chest. For others, it was relief to know they could share something about them the world or their peers would never see coming.

I absolutely love this. I am a pretty open book. I don't have secrets, well a couple. Which I know I will never tell but having this option for a day the secrets get too much would definitely be a great outlet. Some are NSFW but some are G rated. The fact of the matter is they are someones secrets, bad or good, they are expressing themselves. I love how Frank Warren has gone on to TED Talk to share his experience doing PostSecret.

Have you sent a post card in or would you? I think I just might.

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