Considering we live in lower part of Indiana, it's pretty safe to say that while you yourself may not be an Indianapolis Colts fan, somewhere on that Christmas list of yours is someone who is. As a fan myself, I have a several knick-knacks featuring the team's logo including shot glasses, golf balls, and even a plaque haning on my office wall that features an actual piece of turf used in the old RCA Dome before they tore it down to make way for Lucas Oil Stadium. Here's few unique gift ideas I stumbled across from around the web.


It's a grill, that looks like a keg! What more could you want? Perfect for tailgating, the Colts Keg-A-Cue features heavy gauge steel with fold up legs, air-sealed vents and a 200 sq. inch surface that can hold about 12-14 burgers.

Price: $140.00 at


Pet Food Dishes

If you're a die-hard fan, you probably have an animal named after a Colts player. Now you can let "Luck-y" show his or her support for the team with these stainless steel food dishes emblazoned with the team's logo. It's the least you can do after the poor animal has had to listen to you scream at the TV every Sunday.

Price: $20.00 at



The battle of wits doesn't have to be confined to the gridiron. Take on all comers with this Indianapolis Colts Checkers Set. The set includes a board and 12 of your Colts helmets and 12 helmets of a featured NFL team instead of actual checkers.

Price: $25.00 at


Frost Boss

Forget to ice down your brew before the pre-game party. First off, shame on you for not thinking ahead. Secondly, with the Frost Boss you'll never run out of cold beer again! Or any other canned beverage for that matter. The battery powered Frost Boss chills your drink in about two minutes by spinning the can at 500 rpm. Simply pop your can into the Frost Boss, sit it on top of some ice, turn it on, and two minutes later, you'll be enjoying a ice cold beverage chilled to a perfect 38 degrees.

Price: $36.99 at



Like every good athlete knows, if you want to perform at your highest level, you have to eat properly, and that starts with a hearty breakfast. Start your game day with a few slices of toast featuring the Colts logo burned on the side before you plop your big butt on the couch for the day and stuff your face with chips and beer.

Price: $39.95 at


Projection Pen

Who needs a laser pointer to shine in everyone's eyes, when you can blind them with your love of the Colts! Or, keep the cat entertained by shining it on the wall and moving it just before they jump up to grab it. Oh, and it also comes in handy when you want to write words on paper or some such nonsense.

Price: $19.95 at


Magnetic "Clink 'N' Drink"

Tired of bending over to pick up your beer bottle cap off the floor every time you pop open an cold one? This handy fridge magnet works in two ways. 1.) It's a magnet with a built in bottle opener so it just clings to the fridge. No drilling holes to mount a bracket required. 2.) Since it is a magnet, it catches your bottle cap before it hits the ground. Simply remove the cap and throw it in the trash. Or leave it there so you can keep track of how many you had.

Price: $28.95 at