Remember Yogi? Luckily for him, the Tri-State banned together and saved his life. Unfortunately though, there are still many other dogs just like Yogi that are facing the same fate he would have had.

This is Cash. He's a 7-year-old senior pit mix that sits in the same walls of the Daviess County Animal Shelter that Yogi once did. Cash is exhausted and is running out of time. Although we hate to say it, Cash will be euthanized unless he is adopted.


Here's some more information about Cash:

He’s been through his share of homes and abandonment. Cash is now an older guy who is ready to settle down comfortably in a new home. He isn’t a fan of other dogs. He wants to be the only pet. This will, unfortunately, make it harder for him to get out of the shelter.

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When he arrived at the shelter, Cash ate some treats, played with some toys, and leaned against the soothing dog brush. After spending a little time socializing, he laid down, put his head down, and tried to nap.


Cash would do great in a quiet home. He seems low maintenance and independent. He won’t be too needy, a quiet place to sleep will do fine.

If you’re interested in adopting Cash, please email the shelter or message the page for an application to meet him.
Daviess County Animal Shelter
Owensboro, KY

Help us give Cash the same happy ending we gave Yogi. If more dogs get that same amount of attention, we can save more!

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