A new viral video, appropriately named ‘(Never too old to be) HAPPY,’ proves that Pharrell Williams’ hit tune ‘Happy’ transcends generations.

The funny footage is two minutes of senior citizens from a California senior living facility dancing and singing along to the Top 40 track. Everyone certainly looks happy as they clap, shake and get down to the smooth voice of Pharrell. The staff joined in on the fun too, of course, dancing at their desks or teaming up with the elderly residents.

It’s impossible not to smile at how happy everyone looks at Meadowbrook Senior Living. Even Pharrell called out the awesome video in a tweet!

Pharrell Williams

The video becomes even more touching once you've read the director’s experience in the YouTube description. He shared some details on his day with the senior citizens:

It turned out to be an amazing day due to the residents: I met a man who was wounded among the first wave of soldiers storming the beaches at Iwo Jima. I met another man in his 90s who was so full of life despite losing most of his family in the Holocaust. I met a woman who’d just turned 100 but seemed decades younger. I met another woman in the Memory Ward who at first didn’t want to dance because she said she couldn’t. But once she started, she didn’t want to stop. And as we we were leaving, she came up to me, grabbed my hand, looked me in the eye and in a moment of total lucidity said, ‘Thank you so much for coming here and visiting us.’

So heartwarming! Check out the dance moves of the amazing Meadowbrook residents up above.

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