Since Selena Gomez canceled the Aussie leg of her tour, tons of rumors have surfaced and Selenators are worried about her well-being. But a blind item suggests the reason she is taking time off may be worse than we thought.

The rumors ran the gamut of reasons, from her needing more time to get over Justin Bieber, with whom she split a year ago and has been seen Segway scootering with during her downtime, to her battling lupus to poor ticket sales.

Well, none of those reasons are why she is taking some time to look after her well-being and overall health. A source says she is addressing an alcohol and cocaine problem.


A Blind Gossip item exclusively claims that a starlet is using too much liquid and powder, and all the clues in the item point to SG.

On the upside is the fact that she has recognized the problem and is addressing it privately and seeking help before it becomes something even more worrisome and stalls her white hot career.

Other rumors that have been shot down in this item are as follows: She is not preggers, she didn't OD and she wasn't caught in the middle of a celeb intervention. Perhaps her own issues are the reason she accompanied her pal Demi Lovato on a rehab speaking engagement.

While Selena Gomez does not strike us as the type to use and abuse -- since her image is so squeaky clean that if you dropped food on it, you could pick the morsel up and eat it and not worry about germs -- you never know what goes on behind closed doors.

If she is indeed battling addiction issues, we wish her the best in overcoming. If anyone can beat that battle, she can! She has so many fans and friends in her corner.

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