Our own Kat Mykals made her big screen debut in Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories and you can see it this weekend at the MayDay Film Festival!

Behind the Scenes VoB:HS

The MayDay Film Festival is taking place this Friday and Saturday at Showplace Cinemas South in Evansville. This two-day festival featuring local, regional, national and international Indie films is in it's 9th year and will include a double feature showing of horror anthology Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories and horror comedy Butcher the Bakers on Saturday night - both created right here in the Tri-state.

VOBHS & Butcher The Bakers Grindhouse Photo
Rocky Gray

Butcher The Bakers starts at 5:30 pm and Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories at 7:45 pm, all produced by Owensboro, KY filmmaker P.J. You'll see our own Kat Mykals on the big screen during a scene in Volumes of Blood. (See the Official Trailer here)

Starks. Starks had this to say about the projects:

"I've been really lucky to be involved with films that are all so different. Lattie is a serious art house character piece, Butcher the Bakers is a wacky horror comedy and Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories is a horror anthology with all sorts of genre elements mixed together. This years festival has some truly great talent involved and I couldn't be more excited to be part of it."

PJ Starks
Director PJ Starks - Photo credit: Alexander Clark

Lattie, written and directed by Evansville native Kevin Chenault, will be screening in Theater 1 at 12:15 pm. Tickets for the MayDay Film Festival will be available at the door for just $5 for a weekend pass giving you access to all of the Indie films.

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