A brand new technique developed by celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Julian De Silva was used to search for the man with the “Golden Ratio.” Turns out, Robert Pattinson is that guy. 

According to Bright Side, Dr. De Silva used a new mapping technique that compares facial features with the “Golden Ratio”, otherwise known as the beauty standard of the Greeks. Photos of major Hollywood hotties were subjects in the test and their facial proportions were examined. And, according to those standards, Robert Pattinson is the "most beautiful man alive."

Pattinson matched the idea of the “perfect man” by 92.15% with his eyes, nose, and chin being his best features.

It was a close call, though, considering Henry Cavill was right on Pattinson's tail, matching the Golden Ratio at 91.64%. Bradley Cooper took third place and Brad Pitt followed in fourth, with George Clooney rounding out the top five.

The same Golden Ratio was used on women as well, and Bella Hadid took the top female spot.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Bella scored 94.35% on the scale of "perfection". Rounding out the top five in the female ratings were Beyoncé, Amber Heard, Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift.

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