A local favorite is getting national exposure!

Kevin Klosowski
Kevin Klosowski

Tonight, Santa's Candy Castle, an amazing place in Santa Claus, IN will be appearing on the TV show Man V. Food. The host, Casey Webb, will be taking their "Fire and Ice" challenge. The "Fire and Ice Challenge" a giant Avalanche (64 oz. of frozen hot chocolate and the worlds largest cocoa beverage) and huge bag of super spicy cheddar popcorn (called "Fire" because of course it is). You have to finish both in one hour. And not throw it up. So if you finish it in 30 or 45 minutes, you still have to sit there for the remainder of the full hour and not let it come back out.

Myself, along with staff from our other stations were on hand to watch him try the challenge. The episode is premiering TONIGHT so be sure to set your DVR's! Here is a full list of times the episode will be showing (thanks to Chynna for compiling this)!

Dec. 11th, @8p
Dec. 11th, @11p
Dec. 16th, @12p
Dec. 18th, @5:30p
Dec. 25th, @1p

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