Weeds are a never-ending problem for many people. It seems like as soon as you pull them all, they are growing right back up again. The weeds take over before you know it and suddenly you have a yard full of dandelions.

As for me, I don't mind the weeks, as long as I keep the weeds from overtaking my flowers and bushes, I'm good. My husband, on the other hand, hates weeds. He goes to great lengths to kill ALL of the weeds. He even weeds the whole yard. It's crazy.

My mother-in-law and husband have used toxic weed killers like Round-Up for years. They wear a mask and cover their arms and legs with clothing, but it's still poison that they're spraying into the air and onto the yard.

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Growing up, my grandma had huge gardens of flowers. She was also someone who made her own cleaning products and healing mixtures. They were safe and much less expensive. One of the things she made herself was weed killer. She made it from vinegar, dish soap, and Epson salt. I couldn't remember how to mix it so I looked it up. Here is the recipe.

  • A gallon jug of vinegar
  • 1Tablespoon BLUE Dawn Dishwashing Soap, or Vegetable oil
  • 2 cups Epsom Salt or salt

Spray this mixture on your weeds in the morning after the grass has dried. Then, again in the evening before dark. The mixture will kill the weeds safely and naturally.

Find this weed killer recipe and other natural weed killer mixtures, HERE.



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