So here it is, Mother's Day 2012. I thought I could sit here and write a mushy "thank you" to all mom's, but that's not exactly my style. And since I can't afford to physically buy every mom who reads this a gift, I thought I'd do the next best thing... you the gifts I think you would have liked to receive. I figure it's the least I can do to say "thanks" for letting us grow inside you for a roughly nine month period, kicking you in the ribs while using your bladder as our own personal punching bag.  As difficult as that was, that was only the beginning of a life-long career.

There were diapers to change, food to be made, boo-boo's to kiss, extracurricular activities to work into your already insane schedule, life-lessons to teach, life-lessons to let us learn on our own through mistakes we made, and comfort to be given when things didn't turn out our way. You took on the toughest job in the world and even though there were days when you thought you absolutely sucked at it and were ready to quit, you fought on putting our needs ahead of your own.

Alright, so maybe I can get a little mushy. On to the gifts!



Aren't they lovely? The best part about these flowers is that you don't ever have to water them, make sure they have enough sunlight, or throw them away in three days because they finally died off and are starting to stink. Nope, these flowers will look this beautiful 20 years from now when you stumble across this blog as they do now.



Let's be honest, jewelry is really expensive, especially the good stuff. Sure, we could have picked you up something from the jewelry section of the department store, but that would have just turned your neck or wrist all green after the spray on gold plating wore off because you forgot to take it off when you got in the shower one too many times. With this lovely piece above, you don't have to worry about us breaking it or someone trying to steal it from you.

Channing Tatum


Finally, just because you are driving a mini van or some type of SUV, crossover, hybrid type thing, doesn't mean your dead inside. So while we can't literally GIVE you Channing Tatum (or any other "dream guy"), we'll give you the closest thing. A picture of Channing Tatum sans shirt staring you down with those "come-hither" eyes. Keep this photo in mind while you read the next chapter of 50 Shades of Grey.

Happy Mother's Day!

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