You miss 100% of the shots you don't take and one Rockford man learned that lesson the hard way.

The internet is truly a place where you can entertain yourself for hours.  From podcasts, to movies, to getting into arguments with internet trolls, and my favorite:

Seeing peoples' love lives unfold for the world to see.


I follow a few subreddits called /Dating_Advice, /DatingInYourTwenties, and /ForeverAlone, and let me tell you.. I spend hours reading peoples' posts.

And sometimes, I spend time on my local Craigslist scrolling mindlessly through the Missed Connections page seeing who's looking for the "one that got away."

What are Missed Connections?

"a missed-connection is a short message in a newspaper or website that attempts to find a person who had been seen in public by the author. The intent is usually romantic" [isawyou]

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If you didn't think you could find love literally anywhere, think again.  There's someone out there for everybody and that means you could meet them in the most bizarre places, like a gas station.

Refueling Romance: Rockford Man's Search For Gas Station Soulmate

A Rockfordian posted to the Missed Connections page looking for a pretty, tall blonde who probably could've gotten some free gas if they just waved back at the pump.


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So, you sexy tall blonde... if you're seeing this, maybe you're kicking yourself for not saying hi back.  Now's your chance to get that chance!  If you reunite, I want to know ASAP!

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