If you're looking for a fish fry on a Friday in northern Illinois, you won't have to search for very long to find some of the best breaded and battered fish at area churches and restaurants.

Is this the first Fish Fry in Illinois history?

According to an article from Illinois Farm Bureau Partners, the Friday night ritual of attending a fish fry may have first started in Illinois with the Woodworth Fish Fry.

This fish fry goes all the way back to the 1930s when people would travel from miles around to the village of Woodworth in western Illinois for Elmer Brutlag's fried cod fish sandwiches.

The "Original Woodworth" Fish Fry continues in 2023 and is coming up this Friday (3/10) at St. Paul's Lutheran School of Woodworth, about 100 miles south of Chicago.

What is your favorite Friday fish fry in the Rockford region?

According to your responses from the What's Happening in Rockford and Belvidere Facebook pages, here are the top Friday fish fry spots to visit during Lent:

Best Fish Fry on Friday in Northern Illinois

Here are the fish fry locations that social media suggest we try.

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