For our last stop during Nurse Appreciation week, we visited the labor and delivery staff at St. Vincent hospital. 

The last time I was in the labor and delivery ward at St. Vincent, I had just popped out a nine-pounder. I was beaten down, bleeding consistently, exhausted, you name it, and I literally wouldn't have survived my first couple days of motherhood without the amazing nurses at St. Vincent. They hold a very special place in my heart, so of course we had to stop in and show our appreciation to them as Nurses Appreciation Week came to a close.


It also happened to be a couple days before Mother's Day, so it was extra special.

The team at St. Vincent, just like any other labor and delivery ward, made me feel so much better about the beautiful yet traumatic experience of bringing a baby into the world. While everyone else's focus is on the baby, the nurses made sure I was tended to as well. One would check in on me while the other nurse checked on the baby. At the end of it all, I wanted to take them home with you. You will never get that kind of help and attention for the rest of your mothering experience, so soak it up while you can!


We hooked the ladies up with some KISS106 swag and other freebies, but it's only a small token of our appreciation for all they do.

I was so excited to go back and visit, but I didn't realize how emotional it'd be. Being back where my life changed forever was almost surreal - and these ladies do it every single day. They're with women and their families on the biggest day of their life, and they make it look easy. I literally peed on one of my nurses. I peed ON her. And her face showed no emotional as I relentlessly apologized. She rubbed my back and cleaned up the mess and went about her day. I mean, can you imagine being peed on and then going about your day like nothing happened? Now that I'm a mom, I can do that too, but I was a total stranger to these women.

Alright, I'll get off my soap box.

THANK YOU to all our nurses who have undoubtedly one of the toughest jobs out there. We appreciate you today and every day. THANK YOU!


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