When Rita Ora stopped by the PopCrush office in New York City, we decided to kick it old school with the singer. Music fans know Rita for hits like 'I Will Never Let You Down' and her inimitable style, but what was the star like as a kid? Read on to find out!

TV shows, Disney princesses, celebrity crushes -- nothing was off-limits.

"I was obsessed with Aaron Carter," Rita confesses. "I know, but, honestly, at that time I was like 'Who is this person?' I was young!"

Like most young girls, the singer also loved Disney movies.

"I always liked Princess Jasmine and Cinderella," she recalls, adding, "I didn't like when midnight struck though, so I didn't like Cinderella that much. Sleeping Beauty was also a nice one. Oh, and I liked Rapunzel."

Find out more about Rita's childhood pop culture memories -- including her Spice Girl of choice and the song that reminds her of her first boyfriend -- in the video above!

Watch Rita Ora Perform 'I Will Never Let You Down' (Acoustic)

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