Yesterday, people collectively lost their minds on social media when a group of photos leaked onto the internet of Rihanna making out with a new mystery man.

Now he has been unofficially identified! Hassan Jameel, a Saudi Arabian-based businessman is Rihanna's new summer boyfriend! All we really know is that he works for and is in line to inherit a multi-billion dollar business that distributes Toyota vehicles in Saudi Arabia.

Now that his identity has been figured out, Twitter users have mixed feelings about the Barbadian beauty dating a Saudi man. While some tweets are hateful, many are supportive. Some people are reminding the internet community that RiRi is going do what RiRi is going to do, so they can take their hateful garbage and not let it hit them in the rear on the way out!

Regardless of the hating, I'm happy for Rihanna. If Rihanna is happy, then let her be! That's all anyone can ask for. That and for her money, beauty, fame, attitude, queen status, and I'll stop now...

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