My friends Kimberly and Jason Collignon love their summers.  They basically pack up their camper, head to Diamond Lake and live there for about three to four months.  At Diamond Lake, there's always something unique going on and fun to do.  Well, this past weekend was one of Kimberly's favorites.  It was Retro Camper Weekend and, if you visited, various campsites took a big trip back in time.  Lucky for us, Kimberly snapped some fabulously fun photos.

Retro Camper Weekend at Diamond Lake Campground and Resort

If you visited Diamond Lake Campground & Resort over the weekend, you may have felt like you traveled back in time. It was Retro Camper Weekend and there were some classics on site.

Kim admits that she would love to own a retro camper one day. Judging from comments on social media, she's not alone. The retro campers, and Kimberly estimates there were roughly twenty-five of them, were a big hit. According to former Diamond Lake owner Janice Smith, it's a tradition that started around five years ago or so.

I have to admit, I had friends growing up (the Welborns) that owned a camper just like the brown one in the photo gallery. As kids, we spent endless amounts of time in that thing. They kept it parked out at their house in Pleasant Ridge and we "camped" all the time- right there in the side of the yard. LOL!

There's no doubt the campers at Diamond Lake were bringing back those kinds of memories and creating some new ones too. Each year the retro campers roll into Diamond Lake there is a special "theme". This year's was theme was ALIENS and there were sightings of UFOs and even E.T.  To give you an idea about the broad range of themes, in a previous year the theme was PINK FLAMINGOS.


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