Do you and your S/O continuously roast each other? 

According to, Alt Thread, couples who roast each other daily, are stronger. I know in my house, my husband and I are always roasting each other. It's just who we are and keeps the laughter in the house. The saying does go "laughter is the best medicine" so it must account for something!

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Appalachian State University conducted research to determine the positive outcome of childish play, roasting, and sarcasm among couples. There are various benefits to always being "young" and "childlike" with your S/O, so Alt Thread broke it down for us.

Relationship Science. When it comes to healthy relationships, most people understand there are some basic foundation rules that must be in place like trust, honesty, and an ability to compromise, for starters. Then there are other cues that vary from couple to couple like sense of humor, similar goals, and each person’s likes and dislikes.

Biggest Clue. But in a recent study done at Appalachian State University, scientists revealed a rather unusual practice that is an excellent predictor of a relationship’s success rate: roasting each other. Yes, as in, the comedic chiding and poking fun of each other.

Idiosyncrasies. Every relationship has its own idiosyncrasies, or tidbits that make them unique – quirks, if you will. They are the little nitty-gritty details about each person that the general public don’t usually get to see because, well, if we’re being honest, they’re probably not the most flattering sides of us.

Calling Them Out. But according to experts, when we not only accept, but call each other out on these quirks, we are giving the highest level of connection possible. It’s a way of stating, “I see you, and I accept you as you are” while finding the humor in it together.

Roasting Each Other. “You give him crap every time he puts on those busted boxers. He calls you his little lumberjack on account of your incessant snoring. And it may be the healthiest thing for your relationship,” explains in response to the latest study findings.

Keep It Light. It’s important to note that the chiding and roasting needs to be kept in check. No one likes to be torn apart or reminded of flaws in a negative manner, but when done with humor and good intentions, it can be a highly healing process that brings two people closer together.

Laughter Is the Best Medicine. So why does it work? Well, in short, it seems there’s a bit of truth to the old adage, “laughter is the best medicine.” People who are able to laugh together are able to reduce stress, gain confidence, and learn to accept who they are greater than anyone else.

Lowering Stress. “Studies show that laughter lowers your stress hormones and blood pressure and is even as relaxing as meditation. Less stress means fewer fights over who did the dishes last, and more time finding new things to eat and watch together,” MTV writes.

It’s Validating. When you chide each other, you’re essentially sharing a moment and creating a common bond. You’re joking about the same situation and it gives you something to laugh about together over and over – which means more stress relief down the road too.

Strengthening Ties. “Laughter can also make it easier to cope with difficult situations and helps you connect with other people. When people laugh at the same thing, they validate each other’s opinions, and inside jokes or pet names – things others just gon’t ‘get’ – strengthen ties between couples,” says Dr. Doris Bazzini who worked on the study.

More Efficient Disagreements. Another added benefit to the chiding is that it allows couples to argue more efficiently. What does this mean? It means that when you learn to inject humor in the most serious of situations, you take things down a notch and are able to come to a resolution easier and faster with less stress.

Immune System Boost. Want more proof? Researchers also found that laughter gives your immune system a serious boost. So you can tell your partner you’re making fun of them for their health – literally – because the laughter will strengthen their (and your) immune system and help keep away the flu bug!

Better Bedroom Time. “Stress is a total libido-killer for both women and men. Dr. Gil Greengross of the University of New Mexico explains that a sense of humor makes you more attractive, and Dr. Robert Provine of the University of Maryland agrees that laughing boosts intimacy,” writes

Defusing the Problem. When you joke with your partner (at their expense, of course), you’re actually doing a form of venting. You’re getting out the little things that irritate you, in a healthy manner, before they sit and fester inside of you to the point of explosion. Go you!

Healthier Relationships. Overall, the research shows that couples who make fun of each other’s downfalls on a regular basis tend to have the happiest and healthiest relationships of all. Keep it light (no low-blows!) and roast each other to your heart’s content. Your relationship will thank you for it down the road!

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