I do!  I do!  When I was an upperclassmen at Daviess County High School, my friends and I loved driving to Evansville on the weekends and going to the Victory.  Yes!  The Victory Theatre down on Main Street used to be an under 21 dance club.  I fully realiae that's one of those sentences that should always end with "back in the day."  LOL!  Well, back in the day, my friends and I used to go there all the time.  We would pile into my Mercury Topaz and go dance til it closed.

While I don't remember what the cover charge was (if any), I do remember somethings about the Victory.  I remember the dance floor (which was awesome).  And I remember there were several elevated platforms around the dance floor too and you could dance on those if you wanted.   I also vaguely remember that they used to show movies.  Was that downstairs?  Or in another room?  I just remember being there once and they were showing that horrid movie Pumpkinhead.  But we didn't go for the random movies.  We went to dance!

That's definitely what I remember most about the Victory. DANCING!  We freaking loved that place and I remember, vividly, some of the songs we used to dance to.  Here are the ones I remember most:

IT TAKES TWO: Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock

JOY & PAIN- Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock




How hilarious is it that I distinctly remember dancing to two different Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock songs??  For the record, "Joy and Pain" was my favorite.   I know there were endless other songs we danced to as well.  But these are the ones I remember most.  And, trust me.  My friends and I could "Walk the Dinosaur" with the best of them.

So, do YOU remember going to the Victory to dance?  What do you remember most about it?  Which songs do you remember dancing to?

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