Sunday is about to be treated as fairly as the other six days of the week in Henderson, KY as last night (January 23rd, 2018) Henderson City Commissioners voted by a margin of 3-2 to allow alcohol sales on Sunday.  The new law should take effect shortly after it has been properly published.


I've mentioned on the air numerous times that I have NEVER understood why in the world it would be OK to do something six days out of the week, but not on one.  Even again as I type that sentence, it is still SO strange to me.  I guess people in Henderson finally started to come around and see things from the my (and the rest of the country's) point of view.


While I don't think I personally will ever be in need of a 12-pack in Henderson on a Sunday, I'm excited that Sunday is finally starting to be treated as an equal and getting its fair treatment.  Now I just need to locate who I need to talk to in order to repeal the strange "No Mario Kart on Mondays" law that strikes me as equally arbitrary to me.


Soon you'll be able to participate in this excitement on a SUNDAY!
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