Don't Shop - Adopt! This is something you have likely heard before, but you may not fully understand why. Often times, dogs found in pet stores or online through places like Craigslist, have come from puppy mills.

A puppy mill is what responsible pet owners call the backyard breeders - the people who are looking to make a quick buck at the expense of the innocent lives that they "care for". Often times these dogs are over-bred, forced to birth litter after litter, in less than desirable conditions. There is rarely any concern for the health of the mamma dog, or the quality of the pups being born. Inbreeding is not an uncommon practice for these "breeders." Genetic abnormalities occur in the babies... all for the sake of turning a profit. When all of the pups can't be sold, the remainder of the litters frequently find their way to our local animal shelters. If they are one of the lucky ones, they are adopted into loving homes. More often than not, the shelter is where they will live out their remaining days.

There is nothing humane about this practice. It is appalling that any human being could have so little regard for another living, breathing creature. The video below from the Humane Society of the United States, speaks volumes. What you will see is exactly what is taking place all over the United States, even right here in the Tri-State. Please take a look, and remember the next time you are thinking of adding a new member to your family: Don't Shop! Adopt! And don't forget to spay or neuter your pets!!

A few local places to look for your next adoption:

The Humane Society of Henderson County

Vanderburgh Humane Society

PAAWS No-Kill Animal Rescue

Warrick Humane Society

Bullie Nation Rescue

Another Chance For Animals

Gibson County Animal Services

It Takes A Village Canine Rescue

All of these locations have adoptable dogs and cats. Some even have small animals for adoption as well.

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