Forget Thunderbirds! Every child knows that if you're in need of rescue, you call Paw Patrol. The hugely successful Nickelodeon show follows the adventures of a group of brave canines, led by German Shepard Chase and tech-savvy 10-year-old Ryder, who make it their mission to help anyone in need. As their catchphrase goes "No mission is too big, no pup is too small!" Nominated for an Emmy, Paw Patrol teaches the value of teamwork and problem solving.

This weekend, Paw Patrol is headed out on its first ever live action stage tour! Expect to see all your favorite characters brought to life with the help of great costumes, video projections and upbeat music taken from the programme. Suitable for all ages, Paw Patrol is a great first theatrical experience for the little ones! Paw Patrol sprints into The Aiken Theatre in Evansville, IN, October 29 - 30, 2016.

Canine Companions and Nickelodeon have joined together for a new promotional program featuring the pups from Nickelodeon and Spin Master Entertainment’s hit animated preschool series PAW Patrol. “No job is too big, no pup is too small!” is the motto of Adventure Bay’s PAW Patrol pups and everyday life for Canine Companions for Independence® assistance dogs like Perry.

Skilled Companion Dog Perry V, was paired with seven-year-old Austin in August of 2016. Austin is missing a large part of his 4thchromosome. This has left him deaf, legally blind and severely delayed. He communicates through smiles, laughter, garbled happy noises and occasional crying. Since three of Austin’s five senses, sight, sound & taste, are either missing or subdued, his primary sense is touch. Canine Companions Skilled Companion Dog Perry was quick to learn this.

“Perry gives Austin a different sensory input than we have been able to provide and is extremely nurturing towards him. He helps Austin when he is upset by laying his head on him to comfort him. He also gives him kisses every morning as we get Austin dressed, which awakens Austin’s brain with many giggles to start the day.” shared Austin’s mom Laura.   “Having Perry has given Austin a friend that is always by his side to keep him company…Austin is much happier when Perry is with him and it enables us to keep up with household chores while knowing that Austin’s emotional and sensory needs are being fulfilled.”

Perry not only enjoys meeting Austin’s sensory needs, but helping Laura with Austin’s physical needs. “Perry will help change Austin by getting the clean diapers out of the bin and picking up toys Austin has accidentally dropped. He is looking for ways to be involved with Austin.”

With Perry by his side Austin, for the first time, is able to connect with the world around him. “Most people ignore Austin in public or look at him uncomfortably as I feed him through his tube,” explained Austin’s mom. “Perry draws people to Austin. They interact with Perry and with Austin and ask many questions…I can’t tell you how many people we meet when out and about. Perry is a neighborhood celebrity and has attracted human companionship and compassion towards Austin.”

Canine Companions dogs will be joining the pups from Adventure Bay for the 90-city PAW Patrol Live!: Race to the Rescue tour beginning in late October through 2017. The joint initiative also features a Public Service Announcement (PSA) starring the dogs of Canine Companions and the heroic pups from PAW Patrol, airing on Nickelodeon’s broadcast and digital platforms.

Get ready, Evansville, for the “experiential activation” of Canine Companions and PAW Patrol’s partnership. Meet Canine Companions puppies working hard to learn the skills they need to be assistance dogs and four-legged heroes to children just like Austin.

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- by Canine Companions for Independence®