Find out who won our Daddy's Little Girl contest and read the winning submission!

Daughter standing on feet of father dancing

We had a lot of great submissions for our "Daddy's Little Girl" contest but one entry stood out among the rest, not just because of how the winner felt about her dad, but how her dad treated everyone around him. Here is the winning entry from Amanda!

My daddy owns his own construction company. He named it AJ Construction after me, his baby girl. Growing up my dad worked long hours. Coming home when we were going to sleep. But as soon as he walked through the door, no matter how tired he was, the first thing he would do was come to our rooms, read us a story and tuck us in. My dad's work crew consisted only of his best friend and the homeless men he would go pick up from the shelter every day. He always said those men work harder and appreciate things more than men who have more in their lives. My dad and those men built houses that were part of the parade of homes every year. I met some amazing men who had absolutely nothing but would give what they had to you if you only asked them. My dad taught me the value of a person. Taught me to look beneath the exterior and see the true person on the inside. My dad went down to Ne w Orleans after the hurricane to help do demolition and clean up. When he came back, my mom divorced him and things went straight downhill for my dad. My dad had back surgery which was botched and completely ruined his career. He lost almost everything cause he couldn't work like he used to. Now he lives in the RV he bought to live in down in new Orleans in his mothers back yard. He can only do little construction jobs here and there. But after all he has endured he still is as generous if not more. He still goes and visits his old crew and donates what he can. He still helps me and my kids, his grandchildren, with anything we ever need if he has it. My dad is a marine, he's been hardened by a lot in his life. He deserves so much that I don't have to give. A photoshoot would be absolutely perfect to show how much I appreciate the woman he has taught me to be. Please consider him as he has been considerate of so many others. Thank you.

Your dad seems like a great guy and you deserve the photoshoot from Simply Savvy Photography! Congrats!

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